I love eggs. I can’t imagine life without them.

Not only are they delicious, but they are also nutritional powerhouses. Please don’t be one of those people who only eats the egg white – you’re missing out on all the best bits! That would make me sad.

This post was originally going to be dedicated to hard-boiled eggs, which I finally managed to crack (!) after 21 years! But, given that most people seem to be perfectly able to cope with hard boiling eggs (even the difficult peeling part!) I thought I’d include two other delicious egg recipes. One is the classic steamed egg (introduced to me by the talented Wern Hao), the other is hotel-style poached eggs. Enjoy!

Hard-boiled eggs

I won’t teach you to suck eggs (haha) by drawing this out. Most functional people are probably able to manage these, but it took me a while. I was always able to manage the boiling part, but the egg shell would never peel off properly, and I’d be left with a massive pile of shell and a teeny-weeny miniscule piece of sad-looking egg.

The magic formula I settled on was as follows:

Use eggs that are a few days old, rather than fresh.

Fill a pot with cold, generously salted water.

Add the eggs, and bring the water to the boil. 

-Once boiling, boil for 6 minutes. Then take off the heat, drain the water off and add cold water (you might need to do this twice to ensure the water in the pot is cold, rather than warm from the retained heat).

-Leave for about 20 minutes to cool.

-Crack and peel from the bottom (wide) end of the egg. The shell should come off super-easily!

Steamed egg

I absolutely love steamed egg – with a massive pile of steamed green veggies, and maybe some shredded roast meat.

This is a really easy recipe – simply scramble your eggs in a bowl that will fit inside a steamer. (If you don’t have a steamer you could use a small pot with a lid, as long as your egg bowl is suspended over the water). I like to whisk in some pepper and bone stock if I have any (usually chicken, although duck is delicious!), as well as some herbs and spices to suit your taste. Pop the bowl into your steamer, and steam on a low heat (the lower, slower and longer you steam them for, apparently the less bubbly the eggs end up being) for about 20-30 minutes (or until you can see that they have cooked through).

Top with meat (if having it), and your veggies, and enjoy!

Perfect poached eggs

Ah, the perfectly poached, hotel-style eggs. Poaching eggs is easy, if you have a poaching pod like me. Once you get the timing right, you’ll know exactly how long to poach for until you have the centre just the way you like. But you end up with a half-spherical blob of egg, basically – as opposed to those pretty, perfect snowdrifts of egg professionals are able to make.

The secret?

Use eggs that are at least a few days old. Add a dash of malt or white wine vinegar to a pot of boiling water. Crack your egg into a small bowl or ramekin. Make a whirlpool by vigorously whisking the water in the pot – keep whisking until the exact moment you add the egg. With luck, it should congeal pretty quickly (faster if it hasn’t come straight from the fridge). To ensure the egg is cooked through but the yolk is still runny, remove with a slotted spoon after 3 minutes.


SO PRETTY! A little snowdrift of perfection.




2014-05-08 19.39.39

Poached egg with parma ham and wilted spinach










DELICIOUS. Okay, so that’s a pretty complicated secret, but so worth it. It worked on my second attempt – the first one may have slightly failed appearance-wise because of my failure to create an impressive whirlpool, and/or my use of rice wine vinegar rather than the two mentioned above. It was still tasty though!


Good luck creating delicious eggs!

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