Who doesn’t love pancakes on a lazy weekend morning?

I’ve tried loads of different pancake recipes, to varying degrees of success. I’d have to say my greatest success was the ‘crepe’ style pancakes I made for pancake day earlier this year (they rolled!! – this is very impressive without any gluten). However, the best tasting ones (judged against ‘traditional’ flour-y, sugary recipes) have to be the stack of pancakes I made in Mesaieed earlier this year. Both brothers proclaimed them edible (Aidan ate more than his fair share), which I consider a success.


The recipe for these is incredibly simple. You just need to mix arrowroot (I’d say, for the batch of 3 large crepes I made, about 75g) with eggs (2-3, depending on the size). You should end up with a mainly liquid mixture which is slightly on the runny side. Add a little coconut flour (a teaspoon at a time, one should be enough) to thicken.

Cook them one by one in a hot pan with a little coconut oil. Then fill, roll and top as you like them!



2014-03-04 07.22.15












2014-03-04 07.37.30 2014-03-04 07.36.54

2014-03-04 07.36.45-1










I went for ‘nutella’ (mixing raw cacao powder with hazelnut butter), cinnamon and apple, and banana and honey. With some delicious CoYo, fresh blueberries, strawberries and crushed almonds and hazelnuts.


Er…I don’t really have a specific recipe. I basically just mix eggs with coconut flour and/or arrowroot or ground almonds until I get a batter that is the right sort of consistency. I add baking soda if I want them to be thicker. Add a bit of lemon juice, cinnamon, vanilla, coconut milk, nut butter, dessicated coconut or whatever you fancy to the batter, and cook in a hot pan, flipping when the top side doesn’t look runny any more. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to tell when the batter is suitable for successful pancakes!

The famous Mesaieed pancakes

The famous Mesaieed pancakes













2014-02-20 09.03.53

2014-03-06 08.31.15












2014-03-06 08.33.50 SAMSUNG CAMERA PICTURES

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