Fruity chicken salad

Sometimes for lunch, it’s nice to have a salad. However, I really can’t stand boring salads – it’s easy to understand why people are so disparaging of salads when they think of them as bland and boring. If I’m having a salad, I want it to be full of flavour and vibrant colours, and (most importantly) SUBSTANTIAL! No point eating if you’re just going to be hungry again in an hour.

This is a very quick salad to put together, and looks quite pretty on the plate (or I’m sure it would, if I was more talented at arranging food!). It would make a nice light lunch, sharing dish or starter.

All you need is some chopped vine tomatoes, avocado and sweet mango. Cook your chicken breast however you like (I did mine in coconut oil with a dash of balsamic vinegar for colour and extra tang), mix with the chopped fruits and serve on baby gem lettuce leaves (or cabbage leaves, or even just a bed of chopped salad). I also put some coriander and basil leaves in the food processor with a squeeze of lime juice and sprinkled over the top.



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