Parsley Soup

I had loads of fresh parsley left over from some meals I cooked over the last few days. By a stroke of luck, I was watching MasterChef and one of the dishes happened to be parsley soup!

I was a bit worried this would end up tasting like I had just stuffed a mouthful of parsley into my gob, given that it is such a strong herb. However, it ended up being so lovely, I might buy parsley in future just so I can make it again! I used about 80g parsley, 1 onion (white is best, so as not to muddy the beautiful green colour), 7-8 sticks of celery, some vegetable stock and about 3 cloves of garlic. The only important thing for this recipe (although I haven’t looked into the details of how it was made on the show!) is to cook everything without the parsley until soft, then add it for about 10 minutes at the end, so the colour doesn’t go brown.


I tested two ways of serving this soup: once with a swirl of coconut milk, as I often do with soup. It worked, but this particular soup is more light and fresh than the thicker vegetable soups I would normally make (which always go well with coconut milk).


The other was with the MasterChef suggestion: chopped apple, cucumber and orange. This worked beautifully!


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