Rainbow Nori Wraps (with almond mustard dip)

Ah…it’s been a while. A long while. Travelling and not cooking very much myself (just eating other peoples’ delicious food instead!) has made it difficult to post anything on here.

But now…I’m back! If not for good, then at least for the foreseeable future 🙂

First up is a really quick and simple recipe that I had for lunch yesterday (and today…). Rainbow Nori Wraps!

All you need are some sheets of nori, and fillings of your choice. To make it ‘rainbow’, I used shredded carrot, cucumber and red cabbage, along with lettuce, spinach and avocado. You could also add bell peppers, chicken, salmon, tuna, etc etc. Anything you like, basically. Place filling around the middle to bottom of the nori, and roll up like a wrap. Yummy.

2014-09-20 12.14.58

I made mine even more yummy by adding a dip, made from equal parts almond butter and Dijon mustard. Zingy, tart, hot and sweet all at the same time. You could have this (or another sauce, like salsa or guacamole, perhaps) on the side, or even use a bit to seal the wrap if you wanted.

2014-09-20 12.15.14

(Yes, it looks a bit gross. Deal with it!)

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