Salmon with red cabbage and cauliflower/courgette mash

Another day, another lunch. This time, a classic (pan-fried salmon), with some new(ish) accompaniments.

2014-09-21 16.36.39

First up – red cabbage. I usually just boil/steam mine, perhaps with a bit of white wine vinegar, until juuuust cooked. I don’t like it too mushy/overdone. However, as I was cooking for the family, I cooked it for slightly longer. I put in half a sautéed onion, a chopped and peeled green apple, a dash of cinnamon and a teaspoon of honey, along with apple cider vinegar.

The other side (excluding the spinach…because, let’s face it, not much work goes into that other than buying it…) was cauliflower and courgette mash. That really is as simple as it sounds! I added about 1/4 cup almond milk, a dash of white pepper and a little Himalayan crystal salt (again, as I was cooking for people with addled tastebuds!). Very creamy and yummy.

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