Granola Cups

Granola is such a treat for breakfast. I remember seeing a post somewhere about granola cups like these, and so decided to try it for myself! They were really yummy – even Aidan liked them! They were mainly chewy, with a slight crunch when still fresh. However, by the next day they’d become mainly just chewy (which isn’t a bad thing, but might be something to consider looking into if you want a crunchier cup – maybe cook for longer, at a slightly lower heat to dehydrate them even more?).


Anyway, I used about 2 cups of oats, some chopped almonds and raisins, 1/2 cup blackstrap molasses, 1.5 apples (blended) and lots of cinnamon, nutmeg etc. You can probably use whatever granola recipe you’re used to using, it just needs to be able to clump together to form cups in the muffin tray.


These are yummy on their own, or you can fill them with some type of yoghurt/coconut milk (Aidan made a frozen banana lassi-style thing which he thought was great in the middle) and top them with fresh fruit and berries.


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