Nutty spirulina energy ball

There’s a brand of energy balls that are really yummy – however, I can’t eat any of their high-protein offerings because they use whey protein.

After examining the ingredients, I made my own version of one of theirs, albeit with fewer weird sweetener ingredients and more protein!


I roughly used:

50ml coconut oil

50g each dates and raisins (soaked in water for an hour or so, then drained)

40g almond butter

30g cashew butter

1 tbsp cinnamon

5g each maca powder and green tea powder

25g spirulina blend (I used MrsGreen)

Vanilla bean scrapings

80ml unsweetened almond milk (you may be able to use less depending on the power of your food processor)

Protein – I used a mix of pea, rice and egg white.


Blend it all up, then roll in crushed almonds!


This made 14 – each with around 12g protein 🙂

3 thoughts on “Nutty spirulina energy ball

    1. I can confirm that they are indeed very tasty! Glad to hear there’s a load of your favourite ingredients in there. If you make these, please do let me know how it goes! 🙂


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