Balsamic beef stuffed pumpkin

I actually made this recipe for Halloween, but spent so long talking to people about how delicious it was that I forgot to post it…

2015-10-31 19.00.13

I basically roasted an onion squash (so…not really a pumpkin at all, but delicious nevertheless) and carved out the middle. I then stuffed it with a cooked mixture of minced beef, diced cauliflower, onions, garlic, parsley, thyme – this had all been cooked down together with lots of balsamic vinegar to give a nice, tangy, sharp/sweet finish. I cooked it all together for another 20 minutes or so, before serving.

2015-10-31 19.00.01

If you’ve never tried onion squash before, I highly recommend it! The skin becomes lovely and soft when roasted, so you can basically eat the whole thing 😀

2015-10-31 19.00.33


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