Aromatic turkey, sprout and broccoli bowl

This has a lovely spicy kick – adjust the ginger and chili to taste if you want it less hot!

2016-01-14 14.56.54

I used:

~650g turkey breast

-6-8 cloves garlic

-1 large red chili

-1/4 cup ginger (chopped)

~500g brussel sprouts

-tenderstem broccoli


-coriander and basil

2016-01-14 14.57.30

I browned the aromatics in some coconut oil before adding the turkey. Once browned on the outside, I added the sprouts and a little balsamic vinegar (for sweetness). Once they were nearly cooked through, I added the broccoli. Towards the end, I added the kale and herbs, until lightly cooked.

Enjoy drizzled with some creamy tahini! 🙂

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